Term Dates

The school term dates are reviewed annually. As an independent school in Somerset, term dates are decided by the Headmistress in consultation with the wider senior leadership team. Dates take into account those of other local independent schools and Somerset County Council where possible.

Autumn Term 2018

  • Sunday 2nd September
    Travel day for boarders
  • Monday 3rd September 
    Term begins 
  • Friday 19th October – Sunday 28th October (pm)
    Half term
  • Thursday 13th December 
    Term ends 12.30pm

Spring Term 2019

  • Tuesday 8th January
    Travel day for boarders; Staff CPD
  • Wednesday 9th January
    Term begins
  • Friday 15th February – Sunday 24th February pm
    Half term
  • Thursday 4th April
    Term ends 12.30pm

Summer Term 2019

  • Wednesday 24th April
    Travel day for boarders; Staff CPD
  • Thursday 25th April
    Term begins
  • Bank Holiday Monday 6th May
    Open Morning, School in session all day
  • Friday 24th May - Sunday 2nd June pm
  • Half Term
  • Saturday 6th July
  • Speech Day (1.30pm term ends)


  1. School is in session on Bank Holiday Monday, 6th May 2019 - Open Day.
  2. Parents are asked to respect these dates and ensure that girls do not arrive late or leave school before the end of term.
  3. ** Provision will be made at exeat weekends for overseas students in S3 and above to stay in school, if required, for an additional fee.
  4. Boarders should return to school between the following times: beginning of term (2pm - 6pm in time for supper) and half term/fixed exeat (6pm- 8.30pm no supper provided).