Highcroft News

Highcroft News

Sleepovers, shopping and settling in!

The Highcroft girls enjoyed their first lecture night of the academic year and all our day girls stayed over for 2 nights to enjoy some time together. On Friday, a party was held to congratulate GCSE and A Level successes, it was good to see so many happy smiles!

At the weekend our volunteers resumed their service at Sexey’s Hospital and introduced one of our new Lower Sixth to staff and residents. The afternoon consisted of riding, playing games and finishing any unpacking as well as getting in to the routine of studying. Many chose the option of ordering take away in the evening and spent time continuing to get to know each other.

On Sunday we ran a boarding trip to Ikea and the biggest Asian supermarket in England; a great time was had by all. This weekend we look forward to our boarders challenge with lots of team building and problem solving to be had. Mrs WG


Welcome Back!

Lower Sixth have had a good start to the week and enjoyed a game of twister after supper and are now playing Pictionary which is causing much hilarity! The girls all seem to have settled in well and are enjoying each others company. Mrs WG


End of Term Preparations

Highcroft has been a beacon of study this term with both internal exams for the Lower Sixth and A Levels for our Upper Sixth. They have managed relaxation by completing many communal jigsaws over the weeks and continuing out door time, including running, gardening  (we ate our first home grown radishes last week, tennis and relaxing in the orchard. As well as those who had time taking advantage of The Aquarium Trip and Thorpe Park Trip, we have also been to Stourhead woods, Yeovil Escape Rooms (where the girls solved the clues and escaped with 1 minute 39 seconds to spare), and supermarket shopping trips to name but a few. Merlin has of course been his active self in providing a welcome break from the stresses of modern life.

Some of our students are involved in Chicago rehearsals and Speech Day preparations. We look forward to welcoming back our Lower Sixth next term and say a very fond farewell to the Upper Sixth, who are an amazing group of humans and I am sure will go far in life. Mrs WG


Busy bees

Despite the boarders being away from house this half term, not all was quiet in their absence. Bees have been busy in the garden and the seeds that were sown on our activity nights have started to shoot up. Boarders are looking forward to planting out this week and seeing the fruits of their labour come into fruition!


Revision and Relaxation

Highcroft students have been balancing their study with small breaks such as running club, doing large jigsaw puzzles and playing with our house dog, Merlin, who is always happy to play. Our Senior 5 boarders have settled in well and are enjoying the atmosphere in house, aimed at providing the best environment for GCSE and A Level study.

We have also enjoyed barbeque suppers with Cumberlege and our Highcroft Lower Sixth girls who have finished their exams took the opportunity to visit Weymouth last Sunday with Mrs Bennett on the train. The students have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks as the exams come to an end.


Netball, Quiz and Glitz and Sparkle Ball!

Last Wednesday the Highcroft girls enjoyed supporting the spring concert. Many of our Sixth formers took part and in particular Anna, Ashley and Cynthia were outstanding.

On Thursday girls took part in their annual Inter Hall Netball; many who weren’t playing took time out to support which was good to see. Anna surprised Miss Childs with her ability on the court and she found herself representing the school that evening and receiving player of the match. In the evening we celebrated Spanish cuisine and Paula cooked a beautiful paella, Mrs WG’s churros were not such a success!

Friday found us hosting Cumberlege with a quiz and nibbles and everyone came away having learnt something new whilst having fun.

It has really been a busy week and on Saturday night some of the girls chose to attend the Glitz and Sparkle Ball, Mims and Paula worked hard to make the night go with a bang along with the committee. Apart from the usual riding on Sunday, the girls took time to relax and catch up with studies.


Waffles and relaxing exeat weekend

Over the past week, the Sixth Form have enjoyed watching and supporting the students performing their GCSE Drama Exam piece last Wednesday evening. On Thursday our cooking activity was a real treat night as we experimented with different flavour waffles! A honey and almond milk for those with intolerances and to reduce refined sugar plus a chocolate chip one. Both were devoured and Paula proved much better than Mrs WG at cooking them!

This weekend was Exeat and saw 22 boarders staying in to study and relax. Many lie-ins were enjoyed whilst the Highcroft jigsaw is slowly but surely progressing, ably contributed to by Mrs Robbins.

This week we are looking forward to the Spring Concert and a boarding quiz night.


A taste of the Phillipines, puppy training and Bowling!

On Thursday the Highcroft girls enjoyed learning how to make dishes from the Phillipines, Chicken adobo and pork vegetable rolls. Miss Giot also made French crepes for them to enjoy. We followed this by some dog training as Merlin (Mrs WG’s pup) had his brother Sam to stay. Sam took a special liking to Jo W our Head of House.

On Friday, 8 girls took up the offer of a supermarket shop in the evening. On Saturday girls studied and some went off to their volunteering roles. In the afternoon a shopping, Bowling and Italian meal trip was on offer. Only 2 of our girls braved the rain with most of Cumberlege and had a great time.

Sunday was super windy, but our riders braved it out; they undertook horse care lessons and helped at the stables as it was too windy to actually ride. Mrs WG


Pamper Party, Horse riding and Climbing Wall fun! 

On Wednesday the girls attended an interesting lecture on Love through Art. On Thursday we looked at how to make sweet treats healthy and swapped our normal sugar waffles for cinnamon with low sugar and fruit. We also made low sugar milkshakes both dairy and non-dairy.

Friday saw the Highcroft girls hosting an S5 sleepover with homemade face masks, nail painting, a  Mama Mia Sing-a-long, drinks and nibbles plus a shoulder massage machine which Mrs Harvey kindly purchased for the event.

In the morning our catering team delivered hot vegetarian and bacon rolls for breakfast. The Sixth Form spent the day studying after a busy week.

On Sunday riding was on offer as usual and 7 girls took to the climbing walls in Yeovil that afternoon. They enjoyed the challenge and showed true determination to reach the top!


Waffles, Snow Day and Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Last Thursday the girls received a new kitchen gadget, a waffle maker! They had fun together following the recipe and making delicious waffles to share and we are now exploring ideas for new flavours.

Overnight the snow fell on Bruton to leave a thick blanket all around. Mrs Botterill enjoyed snow fun with the excited boarders on the fields, sledging using various inventive modes of transport and Miss Jones encouraged some snow based science experiments! In the evening the Sixth Form enjoyed banana cake to use up left over fruit and prevent food waste.

A trip to Bath went ahead on Saturday afternoon, but unfortunately due to icy conditions early on Sunday morning the usual riding session had to be cancelled.

On Tuesday we celebrated Chinese New Year as a community with Chinese food by the catering team and followed by a light supper of dumplings and sweet treats back in Highcroft.

We have a busy week ahead before preparing for the well-earned half-term break and girls are doing well to balance the ethos of studying hard and enjoying relaxation together. Mrs WG


Quiz night, shopping and Face masks!

After a busy 2 weeks of mock exams, the Highcroft girls enjoyed the option of attending the PSA Quiz or making home made, natural beauty products with our new GAP assistants.

Both events were well attended and much fun was had, our international students proving to have a great range of general knowledge at the quiz.

On Saturday many studied with the option to catch up on some supermarket shopping in the afternoon. Our two riders, Phoebe and Dasha are receiving high praise and positive feedback from their Sunday stable sessions. Mrs Bennett offered Frome swimming pool inflatable obstacle course on the Sunday which one or our Highcrofters opted for and she had a brilliant time.


Christmas Party, Shopping and Skating!

Highcroft girls enjoyed the Christmas Party last Friday with a delicious traditional Christmas Dinner followed by singing and games with the Cumberlege students.

On Saturday there was the Cribbs Causeway shopping and ice skating trip and a Jumanji movie evening in the Highcroft cosy.

The usual riding was on offer on Sunday and many girls took the opportunity for a walk in to Bruton for a meal or a shop.

A very Merry Christmas from the students and house team of Highcroft House.


Charity Pamper Day, Film night and Advent Service 

The Sixth form haled a Charity Pamper Day on Friday November 30th which was well supported by students, much cake was eaten and nails beautifully painted. After this, 7 of the Sixth formers enjoyed an evening trip to Frome with Mrs WG and followed this by decorating Highcroft and learning how to make paper stars with Miss Bergner.

On Saturday some chose to attend the Sixth form film night hosted by Mrs Harvey, enjoying a cosy down in Hobhouse with pizza and Christmas movies.

Sunday started with riding and in the afternoon Mrs Robbins held an Advent Service for all, which included traditions from around the world.


Charity Event Plans, Cinema and Shopping

Highcroft enjoyed hosting a charity nail painting session on Friday with some wonderful new colours in use. They have a whole charity day on Friday November 30th, when for only £5 you can enjoy having your nails painting whilst also having cake and a drink; a chance to catch up with friends whilst supporting the students. Just drop in anywhere from 9am top 4pm. The girls also had the opportunity to catch up with shopping in Wincanton and on Sunday some went horse riding whilst others took the opportunity to see Fantastic Beasts at the cinema.


Remembrance Sunday

Last Friday some of the Highcroft girls ventured to Wincanton to stock up on much needed supplies and treats. With a trip to Yeovil and Horse Riding lessons on offer, most students decided to spend Saturday studying.

On Sunday all the Boarding community took part in a Parade through Bruton to commemorate Remembrance at the War Memorial, followed by a special church service. The girls were a real credit to the school and themselves.


Halloween Celebrations!

On Sunday evening, Highcroft hosted a Fancy Dress Halloween party with Cumberlege; much fun was had by all with spooky games, Halloween themed food and a scary treasure hunt around the house with Mrs Bennett and Miss McKillop adding some excitement to the proceedings. This was made extra special by celebrating Anna and Lola's birthdays with cakes and a song.

After a chilled day on Saturday, the majority of Highcroft and Cumberlege went to Sherborne Castle to watch the spectacular Fireworks and join in the fun of the fair. Despite staff concerns about the weather, it turned out to be a clear, dry night which added to the enjoyment. Mrs Robbins kindly staffed Highcroft house for those few pupils who enjoyed a night in with cake baking and a movie.

On Sunday the Sixth Form mostly worked, with a couple taking the option to horse ride and the opportunity to paint glass jar lanterns in celebration of Diwali.


Pamper Evening and Swimming Fun!

Highcroft girls enjoyed a bit of pampering on Friday evening, painting each others nails and having a lovely chat around the table. It was super to see so many nationalities laughing and bonding from the Upper and Lower Sixth Forms.

Saturday's cinema trip was cancelled due to the weather and on Sunday Mrs WG and Miss Bergner took a group of Cumberlege and Highcroft students for a fun session at the local swimmimg pool.


International quiz night

At the weekend Highcroft hosted an International themed quiz including rounds on music, food and monuments. We all tried a range of finger food from various countries, such as Greece, Poland and India. Highcroft beat Cumberlege by a very narrow margin and much fun was had by all, with everyone taking away a little bit of new knowledge in the process!

The Sixth Form girls enjoyed their free time over the weekend with outings to Bath and a few University open day visits, whilst working hard inbetween.


Boarders Challenge

At the weekend Cumberlege and Highcroft students joined forces for an afternoon of fun and games. They arrived on the sports field to be divided in to 6 teams of mixed age groups, it was lovely to see everyone embrace this and they soon began to bond as staff lead them through activities such as relay races (some great techniques developed for running with a balloon between the legs!), the After Eight challenge, the donut challenge and a large game of dodge ball.

Our final challenge of the day was a treasure hunt: Who would discover the combination to the treasure chest?! We finished on Highcroft Lawn with a BBQ in the glorious autumn sun where there was the added bonus of playing with Mrs WG’s puppy for those who chose to. With lots of laughs and smile throughout, some new friends were definitely made not to mention some new skills acquired. 


Lower Sixth settling into Highcroft

Despite the sudden step up from GCSE to A level, we have seen the new Lower Sixth quickly adapt to Sixth Form life. The new layout of the study rooms for the Lower Sixth enables the day girls and boarders to interact whilst not in lessons. Also, through reforming the tutor and registration system, the freedom and independence of the Sixth Form has been enhanced, whilst continuing to offer a close network of support. Here are some of their thoughts about their experience so far:

“I have enjoyed the freedom of Sixth Form life and have found Highcroft to be a very welcoming communal area in which we can all study and relax whilst not in lessons.”

“Being able to come back to such a friendly building after lessons has been a luxury and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.”

“I feel at home here already.”


Upper Sixth girls enjoying a game of Badminton having spent most of the previous days packing once exams had finished. Such a great relief for them!


Revision Break

Mimosa, Ricarda and Paula enjoying a break in town when they extended a shopping trip to explore a bit and chill by the river. Earlier we had a Barbecue for all the boarders while they watched the Royal Wedding. Highcroft and the orchard was festooned with Union Jacks and the flags of The Commonwealth as Harry and Meghan will have close links in their work around the world.


Everyone at Highcroft has been enjoying the warm weather even if that only means throwing their windows open! The picnic tables have been occupied all weekend from early morning until dusk and commended as the best place ever to study. The hammock is up and we are all hoping this is the start of a long summer.


Blue Sky DIY

Highcroft were very happy to have a bench funded by the PSA and this afternoon was the perfect time to put it together under cloudless blue skies.  Ricarda, Mimosa, Paula and Lilith learnt that allan keys and screwdrivers don’t always make a job easy and that it was the muscle behind them that won the day. We managed to squeeze four of us on and very comfy it is too. A huge thank you to the PSA for their hard work in funding things around the school and here’s to many more hours of sunshine throughout the coming weeks.  The bench now has pride of place next to and under the tulip tree(Liriodendron) overlooking the orchard – the perfect spot for Ms Weaver’s  office  revising! Thank you Miss Overington for the photography and to the girls for dragging themselves away from their work.


Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman - International women's day 2018 

For International Women's Day, Highcroft decided to host a movie night. We chose Wonder Woman, which only seemed appropriate, considering the special day. Wonder Woman is not only an inspiring film for every girl out there, it also has an amazing cast that absolutely supports the ideals addressed in the film. Sexist issues were dealt with humorously, Diana, who grew up far away from civilisation, for example didn't understand why women had to wear corsets. It was evident that director was female, cameras did not sexualise her at all. Empowered women, empower women. I would recommend it to everyone who likes comic books, action movies, or interesting female characters. 


snowy hill!

Some of the Highcroft girls had never encountered snow before so last week we had an interesting few days of 'will it?', 'won't it?' before the white wonderland appeared as if by magic for the girls to enjoy. Who needs a sledge when you have a body? Quite a few girls just crossed their arms and launched themselves down the slopes of Coburn before deciding that that became a rather cold and wet activity! It was great to see so many girls out and about having so much fun before coming back and appreciating their warm boarding house to dry out. A really good community feel to the weekend and such a welcome break from rain! 

On Monday, Joanna took the Marmite challenge. Having not tried it before we were expecting a strong reaction either way and it was a surprisingly positive one. It is a very British taste but we now have Poland on side!


Highcroft Half Term

It is the first week after half-term and everyone is already back into the school routine especially the Upper Sixth who need to really get on with revision now, so this was perhaps their last week of real relaxation. Joanna went to a concert in Germany and then proceeded to travel Europe with a friend. Zuzanna went snowboarding at home in Poland and four of us went to Germany where it was snowing too! We all had a good time and enjoyed great food. Also, Natalia went to the 11th congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK at Warwick University which was very exciting for her. Meeting up with friends that we boarders can't see on a daily basis anymore and being with the family was really nice too of course. It is not that long until Easter break and I hope we can all work hard and get things done this term.  


Beautiful Bruton

Last weekend some of the Lower Sixth Highcroft boarders took a long, nice walk through Bruton. At first they went to Sexey’s hospital, as they do every Saturday, and volunteered. Afterwards they decided to take some time off in between school and prep by taking a relaxing stroll. The fresh country air and beautiful views were very enjoyable. Although it was quite muddy outside and a little wet, it was still fun to explore unknown corners of Bruton and discover the place in which they will graduate. Coming back to the boarding house was relieving though, the biting cold still in their bones they could warm up and drink some hot tea. 


Pizza Prepping Fun

For sixth formers, the mock exams have ended and we had some time to relax by making pizzas at the weekend. We received provisions from the kitchen which included mushrooms, onions, meat, tomatoes, olives and lots and lots of cheese. We made the dough ourselves and kneaded it. Flour got everywhere but it was worth the clean-up. Everyone created their own individual pizza. It was fun with all of us in the kitchen, eating and baking together. It was also a great bonding moment for a new German boarder who has only joined us this term. A grand welcome to her.


Christmas is Coming!

It is almost the end of term and everyone in Highcroft is excited to go home and see their old friends and family again. Despite this term coming to a close, people are still quite busy. For example, the Leiths practical exam took place, so Joanna and Linda were busy practising in house before that. Ricarda was on a trip in London with her family celebrating her brother and sister's birthday with a boat trip on the Thames. On Monday, we all enjoyed watching the dress rehearsal of Peter Pan and seeing Mimosa perform.

This year Highcroft also celebrated a German Christmas tradition called "Nikolaus". We each put a clean shoe outside our door, which were then filled with sweets and brightened everyone's day. The festive atmosphere didn't stop there - we have finally decorated the house and put up our Christmas tree, decorating it in red and gold.


Cooking & Companionship 

During the day the borders are usually very busy with school and prep. However, as the evening approaches more girls shows their faces around the house and they often cook together. Great meals have been the result of amazing cooks in Highcroft. Since we are all from different countries it is always interesting to see what their national cuisine can contribute. The kitchen has an atmosphere of togetherness and most nights filled with laughter. The relaxation after a school day of hard work is very important and helps to recover for the next day. Eating and chatting together is a nice break for everyone. 


Highcroft Hallowe'en!

It is Autumn and that means it's pumpkin season! Of course the Highcroft boarders were eager to show off their artistic pumpkin carving skills and Ms Weaver organised two nice and round pumpkins! The Lower and Upper Sixth made a pumpkin each. The Lower Sixth carved a big mouth and used the inside of the pumpkin to make it look like it was throwing up. The Upper Sixth was inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington with amazing results! Both works looked incredible and were exhibited at the entrance of Highcroft.


Glitter Ball

Half term is coming closer and of course the first part of the school year should end with a little bit of fun.  Last weekend the Sixth Form had a ball with a wonderful theme: Glitter! The girls wore sparkling dresses and shimmering make-up. The boarders got ready in Highcroft and we all took a lovely picture before going to the dining hall to eat a curry that the Leiths students had prepared. After the dinner, the party could start. The hall was decorated to serve as a ball room and everyone had fun with friends, dancing and meeting new people.  It is always nice to interact with students from other schools, and socials like the ball are great opportunities to do that. Everyone was happy and looked absolutely stunning.


Legally Blonde & Apple Picking!

This weekend some of the boarders went to Bristol to see Legally Blonde, a musical based on the movie. It's about a girl who goes to study law in Harvard, challenging boundaries and tradition. The music was great and so were the performers. The girl playing Elle Woods had an amazing voice and I was positively surprised. It's a fun show for every age group. 

On a perfect autumn Sunday, Natalia and Joanna made the most of the huge crop of apples in Highcroft orchard and gathered (and ate!) some new windfalls. Miss Guiet, our French language assistant, has stewed apples to freeze for using over the winter and Ms Weaver has made a Chilli Jelly using an apple base with home grown chillies. This will spice up a few dishes over the coming year.



Highcroft is in Gym Mode!

Last weekend was Exeat and it was quite relaxed. Everyone was able to get some school work done and on Saturday evening we enjoyed Chinese takeout together. We are a couple of weeks into the new school year and a lot of boarders have picked up gym again. Although we do have a three period gym lesson on Thursdays it is nice to do your work-out when it is less crowded and you can connect your phone to the speaker and listen to your music on full volume. Some girls have also started doing a cardio workout in the cosy again, like last year. I think it can be said that Highcroft boarders are becoming more fit!


Be Aware of Red Balloons

Last Friday the boarders made a trip to the cinema to either watch Dunkirk or It (if old enough). The Highcroft boarders chose It and it was absolutely amazing and worth it. The queue for snacks was extremely long, but after overcoming that obstacle the horror could begin. Although not one of the scariest movies it was still very unnerving and we're all on lookout for red balloons now! Hopefully we'll never see a red balloon floating in front of us when we're alone. Apart from having the audience on edge the film also had amazing actors, the child actors were quite impressive. The cinema trips are always nice to recover from a stressful week and this was personally one of my favourite films we have been to yet. 


Brilliant Back to School Boarders Challenge 

It's been one and a half weeks back and it already feels like we never left. Settling back in was surprisingly easy and old and new boarders seem to get along brilliantly. The annual boarders’ challenge was a great opportunity for the community to bond. The girls were divided into different teams of different age groups to talk to others out of their comfort zone. They had to go through a series of team building activities such as an extremely demanding spiders web. One of the hardest ones was the mine field in which boarders had to jump over a sea of obstacles and answer questions. A great start to a new school year!


Sexey's Hospital Tea Party

Life is all about sharing. Sharing time, sharing moments, sharing happiness. Giving not because you have to, but because you are willing to do so.

Every Saturday myself and Joanna go to Sexey's Hospital to assist elderly people with their daily chores, deliver the newsletter and help in the Chapel. At one point we had an idea to arrange a meeting with all the residents. Why? To immerse into this wonderful community, to listen to their amazing stories, learn from their incredible experience. In fewer words, to get to know them. Two weeks later we (Joanna, Natalia, Claire and Sarah) organized a Tea & Cake afternoon in the Hospital. We brought home-made delicious banana sponge cake with strawberries and blueberries and aromatic coffee cupcakes with a sprinkle of chocolate chips. The residents were delighted with the idea and they definitely enjoyed it as we talked away the entire afternoon.

After leaving Sexey's Hospital we had this magnificent inner feeling, a feeling of happiness, because this community is special. Finally, I believe this is what life is about: a small idea developed, thanks to like-minded people, which positively impacts your local community.

Natalia S, Lower Sixth



Mini-Festival Fun!

Last weekend a festival was organised for the boarders. The weather was wonderful which made it possible in the first place. Before going outside everyone got something to eat and drink. We had falafels, chicken, bread and salad, which was yummy!

The children had great fun on the bouncy castle and Ms Weaver taught us how to make flower crowns. The crowns turned out beautifully and they looked super cute. You could also make friendship bracelets out of a variety of different coloured threads. Another highlight was the music. Two musicians, Milly and Mikey, came and performed live. It was great how they engaged with the audience. We all really enjoyed our mini-festival weekend.


Election Sleepover

Last week Highcroft hosted a sleepover for election night. Many stayed up until 5am in the morning, awaiting the results. A supper was prepared and brought to Highcroft. We had chicken, pizza and spring rolls. A couple of teachers came to join us as well. The next morning everyone was naturally tired and the results were still not out. However, we had a delicious breakfast with eggs and bacon.


Revision, revision, revision

It's exam week in Highcroft and all the Sixth Formers are busy revising. Everybody is studying and shuffling to the kitchen to get a snack or make tea. However, since we have no lessons we are all getting a bit more sleep, which is actually quite refreshing, especially when studying. The weather is very pleasant and many enjoy sitting on the grass to revise for their exams.

But when you revise all day you deserve a break too. In the evenings most boarders are done with their work and want to relax a little. Why not cook something nice to take your mind off study? So I asked around for a recipe and Joenelle told me about a Kenyan national dish called Ugali. Here is how you cook it:


  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 cups of cornmeal (finely ground)

First you bring the water and salt to a boil. Stir in the cornmeal slowly. Reduce heat to medium-low and continue stirring regularly, smashing any lumps with a spoon. Until the mush pulls away from the sides of the pot and becomes very thick, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool somewhat. Now place the Ugali into a large serving bowl. Wet your hands with water, form into a bowl and serve.


Creative Recycling, Cake and Charity Concert

Today hardly anyone watches VHS tapes. DVD, Blue-ray and companies Netflix have taken over. But what about all these left over tapes? You could keep them until their value increases, you can officially recycle them, or you can make something new yourself. Ms Weaver came up with a great idea for decoration, by gluing the old tapes together and creating a box and mini shelves for Highcroft's cosy. 

Last week there were also two birthdays to celebrate. Joanna W turned 17 and I, Lea H, turned 18. A chocolate cake was baked by Joenelle and Ms Weaver contributed to the party with a bottle of sparkling wine. Funnily enough it is the first time Joenelle has made a cake with a recipe. Her several recipe-less cakes were a 2/4 success and this time she wanted to make sure it worked. The last time we attempted to make a cake it ended in a huge puddle of cake mix on the kitchen floor and a dirty oven!    

There was also a charity concert on Wednesday which raised nearly £1,500. According to those who attended the concert, it was a great evening with a lovely atmosphere. The performances were fantastic, the jazz band were great and so was Tindal's groovy band. There were some pretty fairy lights, that looked really cute and the silent auction was a success too.

Lea H, Lower Sixth  


Revision Season!

Everyone in Highcroft is in a reasonably buoyant mood despite being in revision mode since coming back from the Easter break. For the Upper Sixth the break meant time at home or with Guardians revising, however everyone had a great time and enjoyed home cooking.

Highcroft kitchen is buzzing every evening with many of the girls cooking their own suppers - they just wish washing up was more fun!

Over the weekend the girls made the most of the warmth and sunshine getting outside to sit at the picnic tables in the orchard. The house martins arrived back last week so we now have the pleasure of watching them swoop around the grounds, but now once again watching our heads as they nest over the front door!


Who will be the new Head of House next year?!

The new 'Beauty and the Beast' came out this week and quite a few people went to go and see it. They fell in love with the film and Chaddy said she may have shed a small tear. The activity this weekend was slightly unusual... it was llama tracking which a few people did and said was good fun. 

A group of the Lower Sixth also went to the TED Talks at Sexey's, which they said they enjoyed on the whole. This week also saw the Lower Sixth give their speeches to be the new head of house next year (exciting!!). They all spoke very well and it's going to be a hard decision to make.

We're now on the countdown to the Easter holidays, and can't wait! Alice G, Upper Sixth


Feeling Fit and Birthday Celebrations!

During the past two weeks some of the Lower Sixth have started working out regularly to an upbeat exercise DVD and are feeling better for it! The staff have dropped in to join in for a few minutes on some occasions. Dominika has celebrated her 19th Birthday with Natalia and Gabriela preparing her raspberry pancakes for her celebration breakfast and Amber and Kasie making a cake for the evening. A great excuse for some relaxation time with much laughter.

On Saturday a group of the Upper Sixth went to a combined party, festival style, for both Lily and Lucy and had a great time. Ms Weaver, Senior Housemistress


Pancake Making!

The highlight of this week was definitely pancake day on Tuesday. Miss Cross and Mr Lowe had organised pancake making in the evening and a group of us came down and took part. We had music blasting from the speakers and we even decided to attempt an orange syrup in place of orange juice. However the first set of pancakes were sabotaged as we mistakenly put salt in the mixture instead of sugar! Luckily Dominica and Gabriela had just arrived and they saved the day by making another batch of delicious (and salt free!) pancakes. All in all a highly and enjoyable and tasty evening! Alice G, Upper Sixth


Welcome back!

This week we didn't have to wake anybody up for house meetings, meaning we'd all quite clearly had a nice, relaxing half term. Mr Lowe would add that he is feeling suitably rejuvenated and motivated for the term and is encouraging us to smash our exams!

I would like to welcome on behalf of the whole boarding community a new member - Rebecca Corrigan. She's a new weekly boarder and will be with us until the end of the term.

This week also saw the Lower Sixth Form members do their head girl speeches. They all did an amazing job and gave us lots to think about before we vote on Thursday. Here's to a fabulous and successful second half of term. Alice G, Upper Sixth


Sixth Form Ball Success!

This week's excitement was mainly focused on the ball! Some of us helped decorate the hall on Saturday afternoon and then we went back to the boarding house and all got ready together. Highcroft then held some pre-drinks for us with glitter, music and fairylights. Mr Lowe and Miss Cross saw us off to the ball which was amazing, everybody had a great time and we were talking about it for the rest of the weekend. Now everybody is looking forward to half term and getting lots of sleep and relaxation in preparation for next term.


Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

This weekend in celebration of Chinese New Year; Kasie, Clare, Meghan, Ricarda and Mimosa organised a whole day of activities for us. First some of the juniors came to Highcroft and we all decorated roosters for a display to honour the year of the rooster. We then helped Amber, Kasie and Clare make dumplings which was highly enjoyable as you had to get them into perfectly sized balls. The evening ended with a fantastic feast put on by the catering staff and a story was told to help us understand the Zodiac calendar. However, most of the Lower Sixth boarders chose to go to London to celebrate and just about caught glimpses of the main parade. We all hope you all have a prosperous and enjoyable year!

Alice G, Upper Sixth






Grease Cast Members, Birthday Celebrations and More Challenges!

I have exciting news to announce this week! Meghan has been cast in the role of Kenickie and Annika has been cast as the headmistress' assistant in Grease! We're all very proud of them and wish them the best of luck.

Some of the Upper Sixth went to Izzy's 18th birthday party on Saturday and others enjoyed a relaxing weekend away from the stress of the mocks.

This week also saw the stuffing of the SHOGA envelopes! Cake and tea were supplied for the busy workers and they got all the envelopes done before supper.

Ms Weaver also started a boarders challenge which has seen Kasie try to blow up and pop 3 balloons in a minute, Sarah had to eat 5 biscuits in a minute without water and Meghan successfully held a spoon of tobasco in her mouth for a minute. More challenges are to come... Alice G, Upper Sixth


Revision and Highcroft Challenges Are Set!

The weekend was revision filled, with breaks for cooking of course and a film on Saturday night. It is Highcroft after all!

On Monday evening Ms Weaver set the first Highcroft Challenge and cast Kasie into the 'arena' giving her 3 minutes to blow up 3 balloons and pop them. The jury is out on this one as the final balloon came untied and flew into the distance landing just outside of the time limit! Yesterday Kasie set Sarah the task of eating 3 biscuits in 1 minute - another that fell outside the time limit. Sarah is now tasked to give an Upper 6th student their challenge - we wait with bated breath and hopefully a camera for this one... the criteria for the challenges are kind, doable, safe and LEGAL! Ms Weaver


Christmas Party time!

Highcroft girls had a fun evening for the last night of term. The party food prepared by the school kitchen was much appreciated. Secret Santa presents were the highlight of the evening, with the girls opening them one at a a time so they could be admired by all! Everyone is looking forward to their holiday. Highcroft would like to wish Happy Holiday to one and all and farewell and good luck to both Marina and Miss Rowse who are leaving this term. 


Home Sweet Home and the Highcroft Christmas Tree is coming soon!

Exeat at last!! Most of us hit the cities for the weekend or went home and thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away. Now we're back at school and working hard again. Some of the boarders have kindly volunteered to come and support the members of the choir on Friday in Frome. We're starting our own fan club right here!!

An update on the Christmas song: after discovering we're actually all altos and can sing surprisingly low we've changed the song and have started rehearsing it. We're waiting excitedly for the Christmas tree to be delivered hopefully this week...                      Alice G, Upper Sixth


Quiz Night, Skiing and Christmas Singing has begun!

On Friday night all of the boarding houses got together for a general knowledge quiz for Children in Need. It proved to be actually rather difficult, but extremely fun as the topics ranged from sport to food to geography. Team Squad goals won and in an interesting twist of events there was a tie breaker question for 2nd place which team Alpha Squad won.

The trip this week was to an indoor skiing centre which was very cool and thrilling. Rehearsals of the Christmas song have officially begun and we're planning on adding actions next week...! Alice G, Upper Sixth 


Christmas is coming...!

Now we're well and truly into November the Christmas preparations have begun! Secret Santa plans are underway and the Christmas song for our nativity has been chosen! At the weekend most girls went to the Milton Abbey social which proved to be a great success and everybody looked absolutely stunning.

On Sunday the boarders all attended the Remembrance service in Bruton. We paraded through the street and then attended the service afterwards. It was a beautiful service in which we could all display our respect and gratitude for the fallen soldiers and families affected by war. Alice G, Upper Sixth


Back with a Bang!

And we're back from all over the globe! From the Brecon Beacons to Spain to France to Germany. I think a special mention should go to those who braved the Brecon Beacons for DofE and all it entailed. They came back with blisters galore and aching limbs, but we're very proud of them and commend their bravery for simply going in the first place. The second half of term started with a bang as it was Halloween! The Sixth Form organised a spooky haunted house for the younger years which was proved to be a great success and was a fantastic opportunity to dress up.


Cinema Trip and Delicious Apple Pies

On Friday night a crowd from house went to the cinema, some to see 'Bridget Jones' Baby' and the rest of the girls watched, 'The Girl on the Train'. Those who went to go and see 'The Girl on the Train' were in for a nasty surprise as it was scarier than they thought it was going to be, and the girls who saw 'Bridget Jones' Baby' absolutely loved it. After Open Day

After Open Day had finished the Highcroft girls cut upa mountain of apples that had been gathered from the orchard and Annika, Jasmine and Meghan made apple pies which were enjoyed later in the day.

On Sunday we all watched'The Artist' in Hobhouse, along with the rest of the boarding community. The film was highly rated and it was interesting to watch a silent movie, however we did agree we enjoy the audio delights of modern films! Alice G, Upper Sixth 


Deadly assignation game is back!

The deadly assignation game has returned to Highcroft!! In the past 2 days alone the number of people currently alive in Boarding has dropped by half and those of us who are still remaining are fearful for our lives. This game basically entails one to come up with a creative way of killing people whilst in reality they are left totally unharmed. We have already had death by suffocation from a spiders web and being scared to death by the scarecrow (I'm glad to see he's being put to good use!). In other news: some of the girls went to see Fiddler on the Roof this weekend which they thoroughly enjoyed and there was also a trip to the pub on Saturday. A few of the girls also performed in a concert at Henstridge Church in order to raise money for a new piano in the music department, which was also a success. A very positive week! Alice G, Upper Sixth


Ready, Steady... Bake!

This week we welcomed the return of the girls after a relaxing and well-deserved exeat weekend. The girls that stayed in Highcroft for exeat hosted some of the Senior 5 boarders and did a cupcake bake off which proved to be very successful. The scarecrow which we made a few weeks ago has now returned to Highcroft after being displayed for Harvest Festival and now takes pride of place on the bench outside, proving to be a somewhat scary encounter first thing in the morning! As Leiths has now started in earnest, there seems to be more cake floating about and more people have caught 'Bake Off' fever, and the viewing numbers have subsequently increased, hurrah! Alice G, Upper Sixth 


Homemade Harvest Supper

In Highcroft this weekend I had some very creative help from Joanna Wood, Saleha Noor and Krystal Lyu making a harvest loaf for our Sunday supper. With a little veg chopping assistance I made three soups - mixed vegetable, lentil and a dhal. These were then transported to the dining room where we all joined them with the Cumberlege girls to celebrate the harvest. The girls were asked to think about and send a thank you out to everyone involved in the growing, harvesting and the whole chain between their plateful of food. It was a lovely evening and great atmosphere as everyone tried the six different soups. Ms Weaver, Senior Housemistress




Birthday Celebrations, Free Running and Scarecrow Construction!

Two birthdays were celebrated this week as both Meghan and Jasmine turned 18. This involved a lot of 'Chapel' pizza, mountains of cake and a trip out to Hauser and Wirth on Friday. This weekend was aptly named 'Adventure weekend' as many of the girls went rock climbing which proved enjoyable, though many upper arm muscles were screaming out afterwards!

The trip on Saturday was Free running, which was a first for everyone who attended. All would happily return despite coming back rather achy and tired, although having had an amazing time learning new activities - namely trapeze, tumbling and climbing a cloth ‘rope’. Some of the girls were also out playing hockey against Stonar on Saturday morning and came back victorious as they won 3-0. Hurray!




Then Sunday saw the creation of several scarecrows in readiness for the Harvest Festival meal next week. The Highcroft scarecrow was ingeniously named Scott the Scarecrow as is rather fashionably sporting some Converse pumps. The Westminster trip on Monday left the boarding house rather quiet as a lot of the girls were out until late, but they all had a great time and enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunity to go and see the Houses of Parliament. Another rather exciting and positive week was had by us boarders in Highcroft! Alice G, Upper Sixth


Pizza Making, Team Building and Bonding!

This week was jam packed, as the weekend alone consisted of pizza making and the annual boarders challenge! We made our own pizza bases and the toppings ranged from the more traditional cheese and tomato to chicken &  jalapeños! Everyone made individual pizzas so more than two dozen were eaten during the evening. There was much excitement and the girls took lots of mad group photos showing how happy they all were to be together and having fun! The boarders challenge also provided much variety with activities such as, a caterpillar challenge where you had to keep holding hands no matter what, to balancing on one leg and trying not to spill the water whilst passing it to the next person, to using maths and physics to build a bridge. After all the body and mind bending exercise, everyone went back to the boarding house for much needed cake and drinks. This weekend was fantastic for team building, bonding and creating the family feel within the boarding house. Alice Goode, Upper Sixth


Friendships formed 

This week marks the first of a new term, a new year and a new group of friends. The tea party on Sunday proved to be another success in which everybody was reunited and introduced. Nobody stopped talking and new friends were made extremely quickly. The week seems to have flown by, The Great British Bake Off marking Wednesday out for many. Some girls from the Sixth Form took a trip to Morrisons as well; with Highcroft being home to 10 different nationalities, we look forward to many new and interesting feasts. The first week has been a great one and promises excellent things for the coming year! Alice G, Upper Sixth


BSG Mini Festival

On Sunday, boarders from all three boarding houses came together for a mini festival. We started with a picnic of falafel and salad wraps and ice creams with thanks to our hard working kitchen staff. The girls were treated to a Sound Bath by Linda Wrigley who came down from Bath to introduce them to the joyful vibrations of a huge variety of instruments. Central in her sound kit is a 34" gong which with skill vibrates on many levels and was even made to sound like a whale song using silicone beaters. The girls lay down and relaxed - many falling asleep (with even the odd snore!) There was hair braiding, face painting, dough creature making, weaving and wand making on offer. We had a wishes tree too where the girls could string a message on a ribbon. The girls had a fun afternoon of it all with 60's and 70's festival music playing in the background. We then judged the face painting, wand making and hair braiding and there were prizes in all categories.


Revision Fuel!

Jasmine, Kasie, Claire and Amber had a short break from revision to pick leaves from Highcroft's salad box to use later in the day. The warmth of the last week has seen everything double in size, so now the radish and lettuce have space to grow. 

Amber and Kasie also cooked up a healthy breakfast on Saturday to set themselves up for yet another day of revision.


Home-made lip salve!

On Sunday evening Mrs Weaver showed Meghan Sherwin and Annika Salzmann-Webb how to make an all natural lip salve with coconut oil, beeswax and Vitamin E oil. They were very happy with the results - a lip salve that lasts for hours!


An evening with Mrs Botterill and a Casino Royal Ball

On Thursday 10th of March, the Upper Sixth were invited to Mrs Botterill’s home for an informal supper before the occurring Thursday evening lecture. We were welcomed with a glass of champagne, which was served with delicious canapés, which were prepared by Melissa and her Catering team. After several rounds of canapés and pizza’s, we all gathered in the living room, were we all interacted and had a chance to catch up from the busy week. This was a great way to relieve stress, as our final A level exams are fast approaching. It was a chilled evening with great vibes. Denrele Agoro, Upper Sixth

On Saturday night a group of Sixth Formers went to Milton Abbey School for their Casino Royal Ball. Everybody there was extremely welcoming and many new friends were made. On the way there we got in the mood for a party by singing a marathon mashup rather loudly! The singing and dancing carried on into the party and everybody had an amazing time. A huge thank you goes to Miss D for driving us all the way out there! Alice Goode, Lower Sixth


Highcroft Intergalactic Party!

On Saturday 5th March, the girls in Highcroft decided to host an intergalactic party. This was exciting, because this was a great way to relieve stress from school and catch up with some friends and have some fun. It kicked off at 7.30pm, guests from outside of school were invited which made the cosy and kitchen filled with a lovely energy and beautiful people.

Guests were offered mulled wine and fizzy drinks, served with crisps and pizza.

Mrs Weaver, Highcroft Senior Housemistress, was the star of the show with her amazing and creative outfit which grabbed the attention of everyone.

It was such a fun night! Dominika Czerniak was also surprised with an 18th birthday cake by her friends in Highcroft. Once she had blown the candles out there was a rousing Happy Birthday sung by all! Denrele Agoro, Upper Sixth


Happy Chinese New Year!

On Sunday the 7th of February, the girls at Highcroft organised the celebrations for the Chinese New Year, Winnie Tam was in charge. It kicked off at 12 noon, where we were joined by the girls from Cumberlege and Old Vicarage for the making of dumplings. The girls definitely enjoyed themselves as this was a way to bond and get to know each other while making such delicious cuisine. After such a hectic day, the girls at Highcroft decided to order takeaway from the Chinese restaurant down the road in Bruton: this was very relaxing. We ended the day by watching an Asian movie called "Finding Mr Right", it was entertaining and very amusing. Denrele Agoro, Upper Sixth


Fitness is Life

On Thursday 28th January, during games, the girls decided to play a game of 'social' volleyball. This was exciting, as we usually play bench ball, dodge ball or tchoukball, so this was something different for us. It kicked off with Georgina Bullock serving across the net and scoring the first point, which sparked off rivalry between the two teams.


Pancake celebrations!

On Thursday 21st January, the girls in Highcroft decided to host a party for Senior 5 to congratulate them for their hard work and dedication during their mocks. After games, we all changed into something cosy and welcoming for the lovely Senior 5 girls. Liv Bishop was in charge of making the pancake batter, which was great as it created interaction between both year groups. After the pancakes were made, there were a variety of toppings and spreads to add. Once everyone had settled down and eaten, we decided to end the evening with a game of mafia. It got quite intense as the girls got competitive, but it was all good fun! Denrele Agoro, Upper Sixth


Mock exams looming! 

Everyone has been on their toes recently as mocks are slowly approaching. Hard work is underway as students are striving to succeed. Last weekend there was a zumba class, which was very exciting as most girls found it a good way to relieve stress. Isabella Williams and Denrele Agoro decided to have a break from all the studying and hard work to watch 'one tree hill'. The girls can't wait for mocks to be over so they can get back to their normal routine, which includes cinema trips as well as shopping trips to Bath. Denrele Agoro, Upper Sixth


Emergency First Aid Course Success

On Sunday 17th of January, 10 of the Lower Sixth girls and Miss Cowper undertook an emergency first aid at work course, which we all passed! The day was fun, as well as informative and active, and enabled us to learn a lot, which we can now apply in various casualty situations. Thank you to Natalie and Miss Cowper for such a fun and valuable opportunity. Megan Hotson, Lower Sixth 


Old Girl Cordelia Francis returns to talk about Veterinary Science

Our last lecture of the term was by Old Girl Cordelia Francis, talking to us about studying Veterinary Sciences at University. Cordelia is in her 5th and final year at Liverpool University, and had lots of clear and helpful advice about the entrance process and what to consider when applying to different courses and Universities. Members of the audience who are planning to apply for veterinary courses were particularly interested by Cordelia's accounts of her various work placements, working in vet's surgeries, an RSPCA centre, at Longleat Safari Park and even the Paralympic Games. It was interesting as well to consider some of the drawbacks of such a pressurised and work-intensive degree - and indeed career - but Cordelia's experiences sounded fun, exciting and rewarding, and we all really enjoyed her talk. Harriet Sheves, Upper Sixth


Sixth Form Science Debate

This week, we had a Sixth Form debate rather than a lecture. The definition of debate is, "debate is a method of formally presenting an argument in a disciplined manner", but we had more than that. Apart from disagreements, we also had a lot of laughter, cheering... everything you can think of, except… some Prep 5 Physics! Audiences were fully engaged and it felt like there were more than 3 people in each team.

The first debate was on the topic of, "Are humans more superior to animals?". The team that agree with this developed their argument by arguing the fact that humans are superior, because we have cultures, literatures, languages, we developed technology to survive not just on land but also underwater or up in the sky. Humans are living not only surviving. We are the only species on earth that know how to care for other species, we know that we need to protect endangered animals; whereas lions do not have the knowledge of extinction and they will hunt for food even though the prey is the last member of the species. Humans have the intelligence that is above average, this fits the definition of "superior". The against team started their argument by the definition of animals, and humans are one of the species of animals. So theoretically the question does not make sense, due to the fact that we cannot be more superior to ourselves. They developed their argument further by arguing that humans destroy rainforests and make other earthlings extinct. We, ironically, need the help of animals to produce food. We cannot survive without animals, but in reverse, animals can survive without us, perhaps they survive even better without us; animals take what they need, while humans take what we want. The audiences voted that the against team was more persuasive.

The second debate topic was - "Should humans colonise mars?" The proposition team believed that going to mars can help our advancement of research, and we may find the cure for cancer. They also stated that the earth would be soon overpopulated and since no one would like a birth control policy, the only solution of preventing the human race from dying out is to colonise mars. In addition, people volunteered to live on mars, they all knew the risk of going but still, they decided to volunteer. So we should not ban them from going to mars. Moreover, the whole of humanity could regain the pride that was felt after we landed on the moon. The opposition against the proposition that no one has ownership over mars, and occupying mars would not bring us pride, instead, another arms race between nations and would speed up the sweeping out of human beings. Colonising mars is not something we should be proud of, this does not make us successful at all because we fail to survive on earth and need to flee from our home. Furthermore, going to mars cost billions; why not explore the sea bed to find the cure of fatal diseases but going light years away to find it, is this cost effective? This time, the audiences also found that the against argument was more convincing. Winnie Tam, Upper Sixth


Highcroft are Feeling Festive, following Shakespeare Success!

After the madness of last week we have returned to a sort of normality in Highcroft, with university applications being sent off by the Upper Sixth and offers rolling in.

On Monday night we had our first official Christmas meeting of the year, so look out for the Highcroft choir and Tilly the house dog's Christmas jumper!

At the weekend girls performed spectacularly in the school plays, 'King Lear' and 'The Merchant of Venice'; much of Sunday was therefore spent lying down in the cosy with cups of tea!

Finally, this week we look forward to our Thursday night lecture, 'Israel and the Palestinians', with Patrick Nixon, former Ambassador to the state of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and High Commissioner to Zambia. Katie Roberts, Upper Sixth


Culture Week, Fireworks and Last Minute Rehearsals!

Another busy week has been and gone in Highcroft, with cultural week our most recent highlight. This was excellently organised by Monique Sang and Winnie Tam in the Upper Sixth, and very much enjoyed by the whole school.

On Saturday night boarders went to see the spectacular annual firework display at Sherborne Castle, following which the festive planning began almost immediately! On Sunday morning all of the boarders gathered down at St Mary's Church in Bruton for the Remembrance Sunday service.

This week we have been making a LOT of "chocolate bark" in Highcroft, among other things, to sell this Thursday at our annual Children in Need fundraising fair. Alongside this, early preparations for our Christmas inter-Hall competition have been taking place, with this year's Hall captains deciding on a "musical mash-up" for all of the Halls to perform individually in front of the entire school at the end of term. This weekend, rehearsals for school productions, 'King Lear' and 'The Merchant of Venice', will finally come to a head, as they are to be performed on both Friday and Saturday night - exciting times ahead! Katie Roberts, Upper Sixth


Brilliant Bond Themed Ball

The penultimate week before half term was as busy as ever, and so girls spent Friday night of last weekend recharging before the mad weekend ahead.

Saturday was action packed, with the Sixth Form hardly sitting down until our wonderful dinner at the Sixth Form ball that evening! Before the excitement of the ball however, girls caught the train into Bath to do some last-minute dress shopping, and then they hurried back into Bruton to transform the dining room into a casino for our Casino Royale themed ball, brilliantly organised by Issy Williams and Beth Moody! With our dresses on, poker chips at the ready and martinis in hand (shaken not stirred!), we headed over to the ball for a spectacular evening.

The fun didn't stop on Sunday though, when we packed away the decorations and heaved tables around the school in the second fastest time EVER.

Now less than a week away from a much-anticipated half term break, we have all taken part in our Shakespearian themed Arts week. On Tuesday the entire Sixth Form dressed up as Birnam Wood, and then on Thursday we played traditional 16th century games in our afternoon PE lesson! 

Happy Half Term from everyone in Highcroft! Katie Roberts, Upper Sixth


Happy 18th Harriet Sheves and Connie Hong!









After a series of eventful weekends, girls spent Friday night relaxing and watching films after a very busy week.

On Saturday some girls went up to University Open Days around the country. Meanwhile back at school all of the hockey teams won their matches against Stonar. In the afternoon they celebrated by shopping in, and exploring, Bath.

Brunch was excellent Sunday morning, then in the afternoon girls went to the gym and finished their work.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week a few girls were preparing presentations for their Extended Project Qualification, and several of the Lower Sixth went along to support.

We are now getting very excited for our Sixth Form Casino-themed ball on Saturday! Katie Roberts, Upper Sixth


Successful Open Morning is the highlight of a busy weekend!

Another very busy weekend is to be reported from Highcroft this week. To everyone’s excitement we found out the winner of the “assassins” game in our house meeting – Antonina had finally killed off Georgie with a laser in a very dramatic finale.

On Friday night a group of us went down to At the Chapel in Bruton to celebrate Annika’s 17th birthday over pizza. Later that evening we watched a film in order to recharge before Open Day the next morning.

Suited-up, many girls gave tours for Open Day and chatted with parents whilst others played hockey and made some delicious canapés at Leith’s – Issy’s baklava was a particularly excellent mid-day boost! On Saturday night all of the boarders came together in the dining room to celebrate Oktoberfest with some fantastic German food. The fun didn’t stop back in Highcroft however, where we stayed up late and tried out some German dancing! 

On Sunday morning a few girls were successful in applying for Glastonbury tickets; Highcroft has never seen so much excitement so early on in the morning! The rest of the day was spent getting some work done and sitting down to watch the rugby after a very busy weekend.


Chinese takeaway treat!

This weekend was our first exeat weekend this year, and there were more than 20 girls staying over in Highcroft. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Botterill to stay over and have Chinese takeaway with us on the Saturday night (this was a perfect night to have Chinese as it was The Mid-Autumn Festival!) We played card games and watched ‘X Factor’ together in the nice warm cosy. It was a great opportunity to integrate with the other overseas girls and have fun together. It was an amazing weekend!

Lavender Lai, Upper Sixth


Hockey, Gorillas and Assassination!

After a very busy second week, involving mufti days, films, and trips out in aid of the turtles for 'Girls Go Green' week, the fun didn’t stop at the weekend.

On Saturday morning the 1st XI hockey team played extremely well against Stonar, drawing 1-1. Meanwhile a few girls went up to London to run around in gorilla suits, taking part in the Great Gorilla Run. That evening the Sixth Form hit Bruton and enjoyed the delicious food at Matt’s Kitchen.

Girls spent most of Sunday relaxing, and then enjoying brunch and getting some work done before the new series of 'Downton Abbey'!

Into our third week, Issy Williams, Integration Rep, kicked off her "assassinations game" in our house meeting on Monday night. The idea is that we each have somebody to "assassinate", and the challenge is to carry it out in a creative way. Already we’ve had death by courgette and giant spoon, and, of course the classic letter bomb. Katie Roberts, Upper Sixth


Action packed start to term!

It has been a brilliant and action-packed start of term in Highcroft. Already there has been talk of the Autumn Ball, charity events and inter-hall competitions, and of course, Bake-Off!

Last Thursday we enjoyed an excellent lecture by travel writer and adventurer, Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, who told us stories of her travels along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam, which she undertook entirely alone and on a pink Honda Cub! Pretty inspiring – road trips from Highcroft have already been planned in great detail.

On Tuesday night the entire house went down to the Chapel, a local favourite, to celebrate Meghan Sherwin's 17th birthday with a pizza party. An excellent mid-week treat. 

The Boarders' Challenge took place on Coburn last Sunday, fantastically organised by Miss Cowper. It is said to have been the best yet, involving "balloon caterpillars" and magic bamboo to name a few.

With such a busy couple of weeks down, we already feel certain that this is going to be a whirlwind of a year! Katie Roberts, Upper Sixth


Bye Bye Boarders

It's the 2nd of July and the Sixth Form have remarkably made it to the end of the year (though this heat wave may prove otherwise)!! It has been a fantastic year for Highcroft proven by the events of this blog. However, upon reflection, a common theme is definitely cake and so if we take nothing else from the past year it's that cake can certainly get you through exam stresses and early mornings!

Though many of the Lower Sixth are in denial it is indeed time for the Upper Sixth to leave us, a few of them have been a boarder at BSG for 10 years. To celebrate their boarding lifespan Ms Weaver held a fantastic leavers BBQ on Monday night, which the Lower Sixth and various members of staff also attended. There was an abundance of food and laughter and the Upper Sixth were presented with prizes ranging from ‘The British Rail Award - for finally mastering the system after a year of wrong turns and timings’ to the ‘The Flying Knife Award - for the finest chopped vegetables in the West’! They also received a personalised Highcroft pen ensuring that they are safe from the rampant pen thieves of the outside world - phew! Mr Wyatt, Head of Art received a Sixth Form Survivor's Certificate and pen for his brilliant teaching and to wish him luck on his retirement.

That evening we gathered around the remains of the BBQ and roasted marshmallows telling stories of Glastonbury Festival and getting excited about the future. Best of luck to the Upper Sixth and from everyone in Highcroft, have a fantastic summer break!



Exams are now all over and the time has come to say goodbye to trying to find new and interesting ways to revise!

It has been a very quiet week over in Highcroft, with many girls spending some well-deserved rest time visiting friends and family throughout the UK and some have packed a tent, some sun cream, flower garlands and of course wellies for the annual expedition to Glastonbury!

Those that are still around have spent their days practicing for the all singing and all dancing theatrical extravaganza of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast which is coming to BSG’s stage next week. We can’t wait for you all to ‘Be Our Guest’ at the best performance yet!


Chapel Pizza's and Cake, Cake, Cake!

It has been a mammoth week of birthdays (and cake) in Highcroft! On Sunday night we celebrated Issy and Kate's birthdays. Miss Cowper lent us her "Wild Sling 3 Man Water Balloon Launcher" and after practising on a few trees in Highcroft, we staged an attack on Cumberlege - this is to be continued in the near future...

On Friday night Senior 4 girls and their parents visited Highcroft as part of their ‘careers week’ dinner. Later that night girls watched films whilst the Upper Sixth continued revising for their exams, which finally finish this week!

On Monday it was Antonina's 18th birthday and we celebrated that night with one of Monique's famous birthday cakes! Then on Tuesday we celebrated Alex Chadfield's sixteenth birthday on the pop-up garden with pizza from the Chapel and LOTS more cake!!

Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Highcroft, Hammocks and 'Josh's Family Fun Heart Day'

Last week the Lower Sixth exams finally came to an end!! Girls celebrated in the garden and later went into Bruton to buy ice creams. Then, having spent a fair amount of time trying to work out what we used to do before revision, we had a water fight and made Nutella pancakes! That night we watched films and enjoyed our new-found freedom.

Whilst the Upper Sixth continue to work hard for their upcoming exams, girls in Lower Sixth have spent some time out of their way, running, going for walks and relaxing on the hammock in the garden. Some of the Upper Sixth took a break on Tuesday night however, and so the Lower Sixth treated them to a game of "musical bell ringing" which is just as fun as it sounds!

A few girls from Lower Sixth went to university open days at the weekend, planning ahead for next year and getting very excited about future destinations! Several girls from Highcroft also went over to Castle Cary on Sunday to support Mrs Haddleton's charity event 'Josh's Family Fun Heart Day', which was lots of fun and a huge success. Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Heads of House Appointed

It has been a quiet couple of weeks in Highcroft as heads are down in full study mode! Rather than bore you all with revision news, we thought we would share our congratulations to the newly appointed Heads of House: Lizzie and Eunice!

Issy has also been given the role of 'Integration rep' and she has many ideas to integrate both the girls within Highcroft and the other houses. The three of them have many exciting plans for the next academic year, but for now you will just have to wait and see!


Coburn Fun and Coconut Crunch

Revision is well underway in Highcroft, with the Lower Sixth starting their exams on Monday, however, we are all remaining calm! On Friday night we all sat down and had a revision-movie marathon.

After a hard day of revision, on Saturday evening we gathered on Coburn for a barbeque with the other boarding houses - the Sixth Form particularly enjoyed the bouncy castle and the coconut shy. Later that evening we made a school favourite, Australian crunch, with crushed coconut, chocolate spread and corn flakes! We then had this for breakfast the following morning – perfect revision fuel! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Chocolate Pancakes and Juggling Fun

Having condemned the weather last week for being too sunny in the run up to exams, this week has been quite a contrast with a looming storm feeling somewhat symbolic!

Perhaps it is evident from my ramblings about the weather that I have little to write about this week as revision is very much underway in Highcroft, though do get in touch if you would like to know more about Jane Eyre or British Political History 1945-90.

Nevertheless, Highcroft remains cheerful and you’ll be pleased to know that between revision, girls have made an abundance of chocolate pancakes and learnt to juggle! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Marathons of All Kind!

It has been an excellent start of term in Highcroft, though, almost as if the fates were against us, the sun came out last week just as revision was getting underway - however this didn’t stop girls from working in the garden with Tilly, the house dog!

On Friday night, we stayed up chatting, discussing ideas for some exciting summer boarding activities for after the exams. On Saturday morning, the first tennis team won all of their tennis matches away at Warminster, and were greeted with much elation upon their return. Girls spent most of Saturday revising outside, and of course going to the gym to boost those endorphins! In the evening, girls continued revising after dinner until they finally cracked and decided to have a One Tree Hill marathon, the favourite TV series at the moment!

Marathons of a different kind took place on Sunday, as a few girls went to Penselwood to run a 10k. Meanwhile, others went out for cream tea at Cole Manor. On Sunday afternoon, “doughnut bread” was made, girls finished off their work in the sun, and the weekend had gone far too quickly! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


The ABC Ball

After lots of cake and a day wearing red, Friday night was Comic Relief for girls in Highcroft, and this was very much appreciated after a busy penultimate week of term!

Girls got up very early on Saturday morning for the last time this term to play netball away at Royal High School in Bath.

When they returned that afternoon, armed with helium and glitter, the Sixth Form set up the hall for our alphabet themed ball that evening. The ball was a huge success with everyone having a great time before the exams, which, as we are now reminded on a daily basis, are rapidly approaching!

Sunday morning was spent recovering with bacon sandwiches. The afternoon involved work, packing down the house, and then eating all of the food in the fridge in anticipation of the arrival of the monks over Easter! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


A 'Wicked' Weekend All-Round!

On Friday night some girls went on the amazing trip to see ‘Wicked’ at the Bristol Hippodrome. Meanwhile others back in house, did some star-gazing and then gathered around to watch a film with hot chocolates.

Saturday was a very busy day, with girls getting up early on Saturday morning to play netball against Stonar School. That afternoon Old Vicarage visited Highcroft to play games with the older girls, having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave! Later on, Highcroft girls got some work done before helping out with the Senior 5 Ball that evening. It was a huge success, and those who didn’t go could hear the music from Highcroft so almost felt as if they were there.

On Sunday, girls made cakes, went to the gym and then planned their costumes for the much anticipated Sixth Form Ball this weekend! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Movies, Pancakes, Marathon and Quizzes

On Friday night girls from Highcroft, armed with snacks and what was left of their brains after a very busy week, went to the PSA quiz, returning that night with prizes of chocolate and goodies for everyone to share.

On Saturday, girls went out shopping in Yeovil and played netball at Warminster School. That evening they stayed in making pancakes and watching films together in the cosy, whilst a few girls had an early night before leaving for the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday morning!

The half marathon was a huge success, with girls and staff alike achieving excellent times and, despite exhaustion, having a great day out in Bath – we are already planning future events!                  Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Dumplings went down well!

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and girls from Cumberlege and Old Vic were greeted by the Chinese girls in Highcroft with rice pastry and delicious fillings in order to participate in a fantastic dumpling workshop.

The dumpling-making was excellently demonstrated by Angela and Eunice, who showed the girls how to make both sweet and savoury dumplings, with meat, vegetables, peanuts and honey.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and we look forward to more delicious food-related workshops in the future!

 Monique Sang and Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Friday Night Self-Defence Followed by a Weekend of Netball, Movies and of course, Sweet Treats!

On Friday night, many of the Sixth Form attended a self-defence class run by Olivia and Jaime Parsons. This contained some excellent practical advice, and we look forward to further sessions in the future!

The kitchen was buzzing as usual that night, with girls making exciting food from around the world for us all to indulge in.

It was an early start on Saturday morning for the Netball at Bristol Cathedral School. When girls returned to Highcroft they got on with some work before watching films and chatting downstairs in the evening.

On Sunday morning, a few girls went to church whilst the others caught up on some sleep! Brunch was particularly good this weekend, and in the afternoon many girls went to the gym whilst others did some work, of course - baked some cakes and met up with friends in Bruton. Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Highcroft Sleepover!

Last weekend was an exeat, so we all went to stay in Highcroft. On Friday night, the housemistress invited us to watch “War Horse” and everyone enjoyed it so much. The rooms we stayed in have been refurbished and they are really well designed and furnished.

On Saturday, we all made a pasta bake for lunch at the house and a group of us played pool in the cosy. In the evening, we had a Chinese takeaway and it was so delicious! After that, we gathered round and played Monopoly for several hours. We all had a fantastic time!

We really liked the atmosphere in Highcroft because the staff were very welcoming.
Amber, Kasie, Sabrina


Netball, Shopping and Monique's Marble Cake

After another busy week in Highcroft, we stayed up talking in the kitchen on Friday night whilst Monique made an excellent marble cake.

On Saturday morning, two coaches took over 80 girls to Netball matches at Leweston School. With the rain holding off and some great results, we returned to school cheerful that afternoon.

Girls also went to Taunton on Saturday morning to do some shopping, with some of us investing in some extra layers in anticipation for the weather to come!

On Saturday night, we watched films and stayed up in the cosy with cups of tea and hot chocolate.

On Sunday morning a few girls accompanied the other boarders to Church at St Mary’s. In the afternoon, girls visited the gym, went for walks and practised their instruments in the music school. Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


The start of 2015 = 18th birthday celebrations plus revision, revision, revision!

With everyone feeling lively after the Christmas break (if not slightly less athletic after too many mince pies!) revision was soon underway in Highcroft this week for our mock exams.

On Friday night there was a cinema trip to Yeovil, to see some of the fantastic films that came out over Christmas; this was a welcome break after a busy couple of days back at school.

On Saturday morning an old gap student, Miss Claudia, visited Highcroft to see some of the girls, most of whom are now taller than her! In the afternoon there were netball matches at Downside School which on the whole were a successful start to the netball season. That evening, many of the Sixth Form went to Hannah’s 18th birthday party.

Monique and Alex made ‘inside out toffee apples’ a seasonal favourite, for us all to indulge in.

On Sunday, girls went to church and then in the afternoon they went on walks, visited the music school and, of course, got some work done too! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Christmas crafts, Christmas films and Christmas shopping!

The boarders have been getting into the festive spirit over the past week in anticipation for the end of a very busy term. Last Thursday everyone gathered in the dining room with oranges, red ribbons and lots of sweets to make Christingles for the boarders' service tonight.

The Highcroft choir have been preparing their rendition of 'Merry Christmas Everyone' and also rehearsing in the boarders' orchestra and nativity. On Friday night all of the houses gathered together again in Hobhouse to watch a Christmas film.

On Saturday a few girls from Highcroft went on the trip to Cribbs Causeway, where they successfully did all of their Christmas shopping and spent much time debating the right gift for their Secret Santa! In the evening we all went to see the pantomime, Dick Whittington, which was entertaining for all and gave us much to laugh about afterwards!

On Sunday morning, Highcroft girls played, spectated and cut up the oranges for the 1st team versus parents hockey match. The match was very lively, with only a few injuries, and the soup and mince pies afterwards were excellent! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth



Highcroft's Countdown to Christmas

Girls from Highcroft went to the cinema on Friday night and also visited Bruton, the music school and the gym over the weekend. Some girls even started packing for the end of term in anticipation of the busy couple of weeks ahead!

Our new sewing machine, generously funded by the PSA, was once again put to good use. Didi successfully shortened a pair of jeans, afterwards announcing: "I love this machine!". She then told us the rather emotional story of how she had "failed miserably" with the sewing machines in her school in Hong Kong, but now she can return home and show off her new skills!

December finally arrived on Monday and everyone was getting very excited about the countdown to Christmas! That evening the Sixth Form had their Christmas party, and the Fifth Form joined in with the festivities too. There was a LOT of food, Christmas jumpers, decorations and some excellent games involving ice cubes and satsumas organised by some of the Upper Sixth. Here's a picture of Angel Wan and Carys Leung getting into the festive spirit with their Christmas jumpers and matching snack!

On Tuesday the Christmas tree arrived in Highcroft so we spent the evening decorating it and the rest of the house! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Exeat Weekend = shopping and Chinese takeaway!

Last Friday, it was the first day of exeat and most of the International girls stayed in Highcroft for the weekend.

On Saturday, some of the Upper Sixth went to Bath for their IELTs exam and some of the girls went to Yeovil for some shopping. The rest of the girls stayed in Highcroft, like a normal weekend, doing their work.

At night, we ordered some Chinese take away dishes for supper. Everyone enjoyed it very much and we all had a nice weekend. Vivian Cheng, Upper Sixth


There's something about Autumn weekends: watching films, drinking hot chocolate and baking cakes!

The Sixth Form had several careers lectures on Friday. It was a day packed with information, and so Kate made everyone a cake that evening which certainly perked us up before the boarders quiz.

On Friday night we stayed up to watch Children in Need, and we began to feel very festive with hot chocolates in the cosy! Saturday was a surprisingly productive day with lots of work achieved - the downside to this is that I have very little to write about!

The girls regularly gravitated downstairs to chat in the kitchen, and in the evening we watched a film.

On Sunday morning some girls went to the Methodist Church in Bruton. After brunch, girls went out walking whilst others visited the gym and practiced their instruments in the music school.

After a very busy couple of weeks we are all very much looking forward to exeat next weekend! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Autumn celebrations

Highcroft celebrated Halloween on Monday night after half term with doughnuts, cookies and a very long piece of string! Everyone is now already getting excited for Christmas.

It was Bentje's birthday on Friday so we watched a film that night, and Monique, for whom this is now a long term commitment, made yet another birthday cake!

We spent Saturday afternoon making bunting with leaves, putting up fairy lights and carving pumpkins for the Fall Ball on Saturday night, which was a huge success.

On Sunday morning all of the boarders went to the Remembrance parade. In the afternoon we went over to school to help clear up after the ball, making fairly good time - although rearranging the tables in the dining room proved to be a far more difficult task than anticipated! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth







Happy Highcrofy Birthday Baking


Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Movies, Hot Chocolate and Zumba!

On Friday afternoon some of the boarders had a "let's get all of our work done!" session in the kitchen before all of the boarders got together in Hobhouse to watch a film. We watched "Chocolat" to conclude cultural week, which was organised by international girls in Highcroft. It was an excellent week, including a Kenyan workshop and Polish dancing for Senior 5 and the Sixth Form!
After the film, Monique made a pot of her secret hot chocolate recipe back in Highcroft and, three pots later, we finally went to bed!
On Saturday morning there was hockey match against Leweston and in the afternoon a Zumba class was organised for all of the boarders. This was widely enjoyed and hopefully there will be more sessions in the future. After the Zumba, Didi made a LOT of sushi in the spirit of cultural week.
On Saturday night Miss Cowper requested that we watch her favourite film, Robin Hood, and so we had a Disney movie marathon!
On Sunday we made a ginger birthday cake for Edith and Connie and then caught up on some work in the afternoon. Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


Paintballing Riots!

On Friday night before Open Morning, girls from Highcroft took a break from the extended week to see the Riot Club at the cinema. The movie certainly divided opinion and caused much discussion on the bus home.
On Saturday morning we promptly began to set up in Highcroft for the Open Morning, and after a short briefing we lead tours for an excellent turnout of prospective parents. By 1pm, Open Morning was over, the parents had given their thanks and we all had a lie-down!
In the afternoon some of the girls went paintballing and by the end of the day they left with plenty to laugh about and some excellent bruises to remind them of all the fun!

"Paintballing on Saturday afternoon was great fun, with teamwork, laughter and bruises very much the memories of the day!" Back in Highcroft, girls made a giant dome in the garden with Ms Weaver from the umbrellas that were left over from Open Morning!
On Sunday, girls went to church and caught up on some work after our very busy weekend! Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth


First exeat weekend open house!

For the first time this year, overseas students in S3 and above were able to stay in Highcroft boarding house for the weekend (at an additional cost). The weekend was a big success with our international girls, with plenty of interaction across the boarding houses with girls coming together in Highcroft to watch films, visit Bruton, go to the gym, chat and help cook brunch! They also shared a Chinese meal on Saturday evening (pictured above), Coco Cheung said, "It was delicious and we all enjoyed it so much".


'Great British Bake Off' fever sweeps Cumberlege and Highcroft

Now into the third week back at school, and Highcroft remains in great spirits.   Some of the Upper Sixth went into Bath at the weekend, primarily to visit the University Open Day, but also to see friends and do some shopping. On a slightly smaller scale, girls also went into Bruton to visit BOB's (or "Budgens of Bruton" - for anyone not in the know) and the park to relax and unwind. A fair amount of time was spent in the kitchen this week. On Wednesday night we made brownies for the charity cake sale after getting some tips from our much beloved "Great British Bake Off" (now a Wednesday evening ritual), and on Saturday we had pancake flipping competitions. On Sunday afternoon we made a birthday cake which definitely exceeded expectations for Meghan Sherwin’s "Sweet 16", and this was much appreciated over in Cumberlege.

The girls in Highcroft enjoyed baking cookies and Brownies for the Charity Cake sale last Friday in aid of The Good Will Village in India.  The charity committee managed to raise over £60 in addition to the money raised from the mufti day - well done girls!


Students meet local Authors

Sixth Form students from Highcroft boarding house attended a ‘Meet the Authors’ event at King’s School, Bruton this weekend.

The event was organised by Patrick Pomeroy and was a fundraiser for two charities; ‘Send a cow’ and ‘Book aid’. Several authors took part in the session including Isabel Colegate, Emma Craigie, Steve Voake and Charles Dowding, with Helena Drysdale chairing the discussion.

The authors took part in a debate on the question that ‘All that non-fiction can do is answer questions. It's fiction's business to ask them,’ a quote by Richard Hughes.

This was followed by a lively debate in which the audience were invited to take part. A wonderful chance for the girls to listen to the views of others and share their own opinions. Katie Roberts, Lower Sixth